Friday, April 29, 2005

can you feel the love tonight...

... it's in Avilon Zoo!!!

Yes, that is Aiko and Jomari, the lovable lion and lioness at Avilon Zoo. For a measly P200 entrance fee, you get a two-hour guided tour along the 7-hectare zoo filled with amazing primates, lovable(?) reptiles, kewl mammals and lotsa amazing birds! The rided there may be rocky (as in, you'll feel like you're in the middle of nowhere) and far, but it's worth it. Come early, it's in Montalban (two towns away from the city).


Thursday, April 28, 2005

logging off...

Things are somewhat crazy these days so i never really had the time to post anything new.

Friends are leaving, people have gone, and yes, everything else is moving on. With all the physical, emotional and financial issues, my mind draws a blank to what i am supposed to do next. My roomies are all leaving by tomorrow :-( Erin got married last Sat (yay! congrats gurl!), Yuma is off to another phase in her life and moved out (salutations!) and Lucee, since recently a graduate, decided it's high time to move back to the US of A (you go, girl!) Hence, my living room looks like a bodega with all the stuff that's all packed up in boxes. Little by little the other room is cleaned up, and from the looks of it, by tomorrow, the place will be as clean as a whistle.

Oh, i forgot to mention, my sweetie also left yesterday for the US of A, hence a double pile of stuff i have to go thru has landed smack amongst the boxes. He was so sweet to give me his stuff to sell for the garage sale (selected items) -- so this weekend is pretty much all about cleaning the apartment again. *sigh*

Inspite of all these distractions, i cannot seem to concentrate on anything...

I miss Jason.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ode to my Sweetie

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i wuv you!!

:-) see you very soon...

Monday, April 25, 2005


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cutie baby ni Mommy Jen! :-) wala lang, nakkatuwa i-post. Next up, pics from Avilon Zoo! :-D

Friday, April 22, 2005

Things to do this weekend!

Learn how to make and fly a kite! Join Haribon as we celebrate a belated Earth Day by flying Bird Kites!


Put on your sunblock, wear a cap and rubbershoes and bring the whole
barangay! Workshops will be held on how to make simple kites...kite kits will be
sold for only Php 50.00! No entrance fee!

for more info, contact:
Anya Santos
Membership and Volunteer Programs Officer
Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources
Direct Line: (02) 920-7430
Trunk Line: (02) 433-3474
Cell: (0927) 760-0092

have a fun-filled earth day! Join th eactivities of WWF at Eastwood City this April 23-24, 2005

thank you!!!

:-) happee joy-joy! *dances for joy*

+ + +

Prayer and faith are very powerful tools. (now i believe...naks!)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Damnable Cable Car

I just want to rant out.

Recently we went to have a few drinks at Cable Car, Eastwood. Thing about this place is that Cable Car has been an establishment for years, with its first store in Makati. I would have thought that given that, things will go smoothly. After all, there is reputation at stake here.

Oh My GAWD. The service just sucks. Waitresses acted like they owned the place, and looked at us derisively when we asked for someone to get our order. The girl (she didn't have a name tag, for shame!) who took our order apparently didn't understand what we ordered because she kept on nodding and gave us a blank look. My companion ordered a absolut kurant tonic (with schweppes to be mixed ---kaya nga mixed drink eh!) but they gave him a so-called kurant tonic (na hindi naman, kasi me kulay yung drink--leche!) AND a bottle of Schweppes. They made us pay for two drinks, even though my friend explicitly explained what he wanted. Talk about a rip-off!

The Sex on the beach i ordered took them 20 mins to prepare, even though there wern't even that many customers. GAWD! We decided to cancel it, but as it turned out, since it was ordered, i can't be cancelled. Geez. After getting the drink (finally!) we hurriedly finished it to get the hell out of there. It was NOT good. I'm not an expert on drinks, but i do know when the drink is a bad one, adn this one lacked the right balance -- too little alcohol, too much mixer. Blech.

When the bill came --- THEY SHORTCHANGED ME! It lacked P5.00 (which is big deal if the service already bad, and you still have to pay the service charge. I had to go to the cashier and ask for my money. She even gave me a look that pretty much screamed she didn't care.

It felt like such a rip-off. Pity those people who work there never understood the meaning of service with a smile.

For people who go by the Eastwood joints, PLEASE, do not make the mistake of going into that establishment, unless you're in for poor service, shortchanging and yes, VERY bad drinks.

Stuff to Sell and to clean up...

Since it IS the end of April pretty soon (waah!) I have decided to clean house.

Upcoming garage sale! will update soon. Stuff includes books, clothes, magazines, plates, cds, furniture stuff, etc.

+ + +

1 computer table (wooden) P250
1 computer table (steel) P450

*interested parties, please contact me thru email.

+ + +

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


As much as i want to be happy, i can't seem to muster enough enthusiasm for it.

I know i will miss so many things. I know i will cry. I know i will stare blankly into space (more so than i do now) and find myself weeping for utterly no reason. I know i will wonder silently (and out loud) why it's so unfair, why it has to be this way, why things turned out like this. I know i will never know.

But this i know:

I know that loving you was never a mistake, nor a regret i will say or think in the future. I know that as much as this hurts, it will get better. I know that even though it may seem like it's forever, there WILL be a next time...

I know that i will love you forever.

Monday, April 18, 2005


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ok, the movie wasn't so bad. really. The romantic drama between 4 people set in contemporary London is quite riveting, and as i watched it, i was amazed by how versatile everything was despite the fact that only 4 characters occupied the screen (makes me think of Goldie Hawn's Butterflies are Free) The story? Sad.Sad. and more sad...

I was never much into romantic dramas for the pure reason that it gave too much emphasis on love's tragedy. Closer, though its lines, characters and dialogue , provokes reactions that hit home to many audiences (a lot of people were sad and crying), reminded me too much about current problems as well as the tragic end which seem to loom on us all: lovelessness.

Ok, ok. blame it on my sullen mood today. But hell, all night i was up thinking about the damn movie and how much i hated this feeling it gave me afterward. I didn't like Natalie Portman's lolita-like persona because she was a bit teeny-boppery in some scenes, which mad eme think she was still 18, though supposedly she was in her mid-20s by then. Julia Roberts' character was a wuss (then again, she should be) but m,y annoyance with her was more because of her big mouth (never really did like it). Clive Owen's character started boorish, but then in the end, he was the one who was surprisingly the strongest of all the characters. I loved that. Jude Law was, well, surprisingly interesting.

I hate to think of myself, or anyone else, in a position these characters put themselves in. It's too sad. Lies and truth are intermixed and everything is a gray spot, which only muddles everyone even more. This is NOT the kind of love stry i want to watch.

"a love story for adults"... i guess it depicted a reality that is too common in the world today. But that only made me think: if this was it, what makes being an adult so much better than being a kid?

Saturday, April 16, 2005


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A little piece of work i doodled on a friday night for Illustration Friday's next word. :-)

Friday, April 15, 2005

thank God it's Friday...

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my mamma's __th birthday (tee-hee!). I love you Mama! :-D

+ + +

Thursday was Murphy's Law raining down on me.

Thank God for friends, bowling and my sweetie. :-*

Now that it's friday, maybe i can have a good reason to smile.

+ + +

I feel the stress these days... may be the fact that everything seems to be happening all at once is finally wearing me down. (uh, duh!) But seriously, as inane as that may sound, i really wish i can just get up and get out of all the mess around me. I have never been a person who could stand too much shit going on, especially when it's directly (or even indirectly) affecting me. Right now, i am up to my neck with office depression (wanderlust calling Lette!), project paranoia (blame it on yesterday's stupid day), pre-separation anxieties, internal mulling and yes, classic schizophrenia (haha).

I want to get out and move somewhere else, and start a "new" life. I want to move out of my apartment by the time my lease ends so i can have a semblance of starting anew without having to move to another country. I want to have a better job, or at least some form of order in my current one (something more ---creative?) I want to be able to be in the same country with my sweetie, or at least get the opportunity to visit.

I want to learn something new and be good at it. I want to be able to do something i want to do and have fun doing it, not just meet deadlines. I want to make money so i can enjoy it, not just pay for my bills. I want my life to matter.

And while we're at it, i want to be part of the JANE magazine staff. :-)

*sigh* Take it one day at a time...


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

We're at Salcedo!!!

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Starting beginning of this week, we're on dry run at our newest outlet. Please come by and check it out (and pardon the ongoing glitches!). See ya!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

bowlin' to the Backstreet boys

Had some fun day yesterday (i think) After doing some long-awaited printing and taking crap from officemates who just won't shut up about my 'leave" (wow, you're so galing! Ang lakas mo sa kanila ha! --- geez!) i had to rush to the new branch to do some work negotiations with a scheduled installation gone awry.

Why, of all things, can't people give you decent and sufficient information? The planned installation resulted in fumes not suitable for our customers, hence, the need for a later sked. After much (and somewhat heated) arguments with the AE,i managed to get them to install on a later time that day to meet the next day deadline. *sheesh* They never said anything about sh*t like this when i signed up. GAWD.

I couldn't stay long since i promised Jason and Melissa we'll meet up in Eastwood, but i was a little edgy leaving the place without any assurances that everything will be ok. Thank goodness for Mary! She and i were able to catch up and dish on some recent happenings, as well as mull over some pretty interesting stuff. I missed her!

Caught a ride with her and her best friend (with her cutie kid!) goiong back to QC. They very nicely dropped me off at Eastwood (thank you again!) so it was sans the traffic (we took C5) and the money spent on cabfare. Once there, i practically raced to Sumthin' Fishy, where Jason and Melissa were starting off dinner. (The food's great, btw!)

It's more of catching up with us three, since we haven't seen Mel for ages (it seems). Once filled, we headed up to Paeng's for some bowling -- yup, that's right! It was our first time to try out the bowling center, and it was really pretty --- hot colored balls and clean lanes, what more can you ask for? Had a smashing game with "WooChile" and "Mel the Pin Slayah", and lovin' the graphics! :-) The music was awesome too, though it's kinda weird bowlin' to Goldfinger. Then again, it's waay better than listening to Backstreet Boyz. hehe.

Topped the night off with some cake and vcd. Yum.

+ + +

i wonder what i may have done to tick you off. I'm sorry? please?

+ + +

Dear God, please, please, PLEASE let me pass. thank you. Amen.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


... for my mom's awesome achievement in her education (next stop, PhD!!!)
... for a week-long vacation celebrated with family, friends and loved ones.
... for finally snorkelling! :-) (Scuba diving can be for another day...)
... a safe birth for my friend who was recently blessed with a baby girl (Congrats, Mami Jen!)
... for the kudos given to another writer friend from a recent literary review (Pao, you rock!)
... for a friend's educational achievement, a step closer to her dream of being a lawyer (asteeg, Zsa!)
... for fun and great times (still more to come!) with you...

+ + +

My galpal Kitty just recently renewed her blog. Check it out! :-)

+ + +

Just spent the early hours of today at Salcedo, where we opened the newest CBTL branch (dry run?). Was it fun? Only if you own it (hehehe), or live in the egenral area. It was nerve-wracking on my part, not to mention intense --- everybody was well, nervous. Highlights: the general area is a residency for the nouveau riche, the expats and the well-to-do of Makati, so we're hoping for good business and a good buzz. Also, it's closer to some of my friends' offices so it's a good hangout spot far from the crowds of Greenbelt. Lastly, well, it's finally open. hahahha. So check it out, k?

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Salcedo branch is at the G/F 4 seasons Bldg., Tordesillas st. cor Toledo st.,Makati (near the playground/park area of Brgy. Bel-Air

+ + +

Saturday, April 09, 2005


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need we say more?


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One of the many beaches you can easily check out when you're in Coron. Nobody knew what the CYC meant (we asked) but this gov't owned beach is a great spot for introductory scuba diving with its clear blue waters, amazing reefs and idyllic spot for family picnics and outings.

We stayed here for a couple of days --- pretty good service with big meals and a very welcoming service. They can arrange pick-up and send-off from pier or airport, plus they give good discounts/references to the places to go :-)


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I was too chicken to try my hand at scuba diving (blame it on those Jaws movies), but i finally got into snorkelling, even for a little bit. :-)

I'm not a very good swimmer, and i get scared shitless over the most inane things that may catch my eye, hence the lifesaver. But hey, it's pretty handy at floating :-P


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Coron, Palawan proved to be an amazing experience --- from lush greenery to scuba diving heaven (not for me though, heheh), amazing pristine beaches to intense lakes, the place has sooo much to offer.

Here in Kayangan Lake, the brochures didn't lie AT ALL whenthey said it was the cleanest lake there was this side of the world --- the blue clear waters amazed and scared me shitless (you can see the bottom, even though it was about 12 meters down, and that's just the shallow area). Amazing.

Mom's Graduation!

Mom's Graduation!
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Ok, ok... so many things have been happening for the past week and due to lack of time (and net access) i haven't had any updates. So here: a picture is worth a thousand words!

Mom's MA Graduation was timely --- not only was it a great excuse to get a well-deserved vacation, it was also legit enough for me to extend my days so i can spend time with her and the family to reconnect. Her grad from her degree was pretty intense too --- the program was a UNIVERSITY graduation, and a school which was celebrating its 100 years at that. Hence, not only was there a mass, but the program extended to a whopping 6 hours (2 hours late to start, plus they had to call EVERY name from EVERY college there was in the school), which made my mom's guests at home arrive there waay before she did.
Nonetheless, the celebration was pretty fun, with close family and friends hangin' to join in and lotsa people sending over either gifts or food. :-) Jason and i splurged on a lime green handbag my mom absolutely loved (yay!)

Friday, April 01, 2005

feeling singer!

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just a couple more hours to go and i will be back home... kaya hangga't kaya, sing na lang muna! ;-)
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